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Kapten & Son Watches

Kapten & Son watches are available as ladies’ and men’s watches. These timepieces feature simple designs from Northern Germany and interchangeable wristbands in different colours and materials.

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Kapten & Son

Kapten & Son watches come in various sizes. The smaller Kapten & Son ladies’ watch is called Campina and has a diameter of 36 mm. The other case sizes are 38 mm (Pure) and 40 mm (Campus) and can easily be worn by either sex. Ultimately, the size depends on one’s taste.

The stainless steel case is available in silver, rose gold, and black. The case thickness is very thin at just 7 mm, which gives every Kapten & Son watch a certain elegance. The analogue clockwork of all Kapten & Son watches is powered by battery (quartz movement).

Another feature of Kapten & Son are the choices available for wristbands. Both the nylon Natobands and the leather wristbands have a standard pin buckle and can be switched out as the wearer likes.

The different models carry names such as Roadtrip, Sail, Racer, Girl, Sky, Space, and Nightrider.

Whether you are looking for a ladies’ watch or a men’s timepiece from Kapten & Son, you will find the entire collection in the Helen Kirchhofer online shop.