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Information Pre-Christmas Period

Extended right of return:

  • We extend the right of return until 2nd January 2023.

In this way you can easily present your loved ones and you do not have to worry about a possible return.

Order by invoice:

  • Order now and pay at the end of January 2023.

When ordering with the payment method "Invoice", you will receive the invoice only in mid-January 2023. In addition, the invoice will have a term of payment until 31.01.2023 and when you receive the bill, you can decide if you want to pay the total amount or a partial amount (minimum is 10% of the total amount).

We wish you a nice and hopefully not too stressful Pre-Christmas Period!
Your Helen Kirchhofer Team


Terms and Conditions

  • Overview

  • 01. Introduction

    The following Terms and Conditions of the helenkirchhofer webshop ag are valid for all products and services. A customer is any person (natural and legal) who has business relations with helen kirchhofer webshop ag.

    (For the sake of simplicity, the General Terms and Conditions are referred to as "GTC" and helen kirchhofer webshop ag as "Helen Kirchhofer").

  • 02. Scope of Application

    All products and services are subject to the Terms and Conditions of Helen Kirchhofer. The present GTC are used for business processing and delivery. Conflicting or deviating GTC shall not be recognised unless Helen Kirchhofer expressly agrees to this in writing.

  • 03. Obligations of Helen Kirchhofer

    Helen Kirchhofer is bound to provide its services professionally and with care. In addition, Helen Kirchhofer makes every effort to offer the widest possible range at a fair price.

    In the Helen Kirchhofer online shop, the offer of products and services is directed to persons with a personal (natural and legal) domicile in Switzerland and the Principality of Liechtenstein.

  • 04. No Guarantee for Information

    Helen Kirchhofer tries to offer its customers the best possible information about its range and services. Some of the information is provided directly by manufacturers and suppliers. It is important to us that we present this information in a way that is as customer-friendly as possible. However, Helen Kirchhofer does not guarantee any information about product range, availability, delivery times, services and guarantee conditions or durations. This information does not constitute a guarantee. We assume no liability for correctness, validity and completeness.

  • 05. Prices

    The prices offered at the time of the order apply for orders from our online shop. All prices are inclusive of statutory value added tax. The listed reference prices correspond to non-binding prices in Switzerland. No liability is assumed for other competitors' prices or non-binding price recommendations. Helen Kirchhofer reserves the right to change prices at any time.

  • 06. Business transaction

    The product range, prices and services, which are published under the homepage of Helen Kirchhofer, are only an offer. However, these offers are always made subject to the condition of availability and may also be subject to price corrections by the manufacturer or by Helen Kirchhofer.

    As soon as the customer places an order online, by email, on the telephone or in the shop, this applies as a business transaction or contract conclusion. The customer is informed by an automatically generated order confirmation email that their order has been received by Helen Kirchhofer.

    Reception of this automatically generated order confirmation with order number is not a guarantee that the product is actually available or can be delivered. The order confirmation only informs the customer that the order has been received by Helen Kirchhofer. A contract is subsequently created, which can be cancelled in the event of non-delivery. The occurrence of any of the above conditions shall terminate the contract immediately and without any further consent required. If a contract is cancelled, Helen Kirchhofer is not obliged to provide a replacement.

  • 07. Payment

    Payment by invoice/instalment:

    Orders of up to CHF 5,000.00 can be ordered on account. When you receive the invoice from MF Group Factoring AG (in the middle of the following month after ordering, max. 6 weeks later), you have the choice to pay the invoice within the prescribed payment period or in instalments. The invoice fee is CHF 2.90.-.

    If you want to pay the invoice in several instalments, you must pay at least 10% of the outstanding invoice amount per month. This allows you to easily decide for yourself how to settle the invoice.

    If you opt to pay on account, your account is assigned by helen kirchhofer webshop ag to MF Group Factoring AG, Am Bohl 6, 9004 St. Gallen, Switzerland.

    By choosing to pay on account, you agree to enter into an additional contractual relationship with MF Group Factoring AG upon conclusion of the contract with helen kirchhofer webshop ag. The details of this additional contractual relationship are set out in the General Terms and Conditions of Business of MF Group Factoring AG which are available here


    You will receive a confirmation mail after sending your order. This email contains all bank details for Helen Kirchhofer and you can make payment via the post office, bank or e-banking. Please note that Helen Kirchhofer will not pay any associated bank charges.

    When making the payment, the order number must be indicated as the purpose of payment, so that the payment can be allocated correctly. Please note that the transaction may take several days depending on the financial institution.

    PostFinance E-Finance:

    With E-Finance, Postfinance enables you to make convenient and secure payment via the Internet. As a Postfinance customer, you can easily log in with your E-Finance number and password. The payment amount will be debited directly from your PostFinance account. Afterwards, you will receive a confirmation mail from Helen Kirchhofer informing you of your successful order.

    Postfinance Postcard:

    PostFinance also provides payment via PostFinance Card. For this, you log in with your card and ID number. Monthly limits are set by PostFinance as a protection against misuse.

    Visa / MasterCard:

    At Helen Kirchhofer you can also pay with a credit card. We currently accept VISA and Mastercard.

    As soon as your payment has been confirmed by us, we will send you the order. Your order should appear on your next credit card bill. When you return goods, the amount will be credited to your credit card account.


    After placing your order, you will be directed to the PayPal website, where you will be able to make the payment from your PayPal account.


    We use a secure transmission method SSL (secure socket layer) to protect your data. All information is sent encrypted. Please note that in rare cases, there may be external processing errors, over which we have no influence.

    The customer is generally obliged to pay using the available payment methods. Products remain the property of Helen Kirchhofer until the purchase price has been paid in full.

  • 08. Cancellation and Contract Termination

    Orders from Helen Kirchhofer are binding, this means that the customer must accept the service. In special cases, Helen Kirchhofer will decide whether to allow subsequent changes and cancellations. This could result in administrative fees. The administrative fee amounts to 20% of the order as well as the depreciation of the product since the order.

    The customer has seven days to accept the product, otherwise Helen Kirchhofer has the right to cancel the contract and to charge an administrative fee.

    If Helen Kirchhofer cannot deliver the order due to impossibility of delivery, the customer is entitled to withdraw from the contract four weeks after the agreed delivery date at the earliest. The amounts credited in advance will be refunded to the customer due to non-delivery.

  • 09. Right of Return and Exchange

    Helen Kirchhofer grants its customers a return period of 14 days. The period begins with the day on which the order is received by the customer.

    The preconditions for the right of return are: Products may only be returned if they have been worn as one would try them in a shop. All products must be returned complete and undamaged. Labels and, if applicable, protective films or packaging are included in the delivery and must also be returned. Please use appropriate packaging.

    Returns are sent at the expense and risk of the customer and must be returned by recorded delivery. The post office provides you with a receipt, which includes a shipment number for the event that a package gets lost.

    Products are to be returned to the following address:

    Helen Kirchhofer AG
    Seestrasse 108
    9326 Horn

    Returns that cannot be attributed to a customer shall be stored in the warehouse for three months. After these have expired, Helen Kirchhofer has free command of the return.

    We are unable to offer a right of return for the following items:
    - Sale items
    - Items costing more than CHF 1,500.- (the right of exchange applies here)
    - Custom made and engraved products
    - Genuine jewellery, i.e. products made of precious metals such as gold, silver and platinum; this is the only way can we guarantee the authenticity of precious metals (right of exchange applies here)
    - Perfumes & cosmetics, Smartwatches & activity trackers: these products are delivered often in welded packaging.
    - Candles
    - Hygiene articles (e.g. protective mask)

    Specially marked products may also be excluded from the right of return.

    If you want to exchange a received order, proceed as you would for a new order.

  • 10. Delivery & Collection

    Helen Kirchhofer sends each order A mail and registered with Swiss Post.

    Please check your collected or delivered goods immediately for completeness, correctness and any damage. Errors or damages must be reported to Helen Kirchhofer Within 5 working days.

    To process the claim, the consignment must be kept in the condition of delivery.

    Within Switzerland and the Principality of Liechtenstein, orders with a value of CHF 70.- or more are delivered free of charge.

    In case of collection or refusal to accept the package, the right to return does not apply and the customer has the following choice:
    - Renewed delivery of the order for a fee of CHF 25.-,which must be paid in advance.
    - Cancellation of the order for a fee of CHF 35.-.

    Should Helen Kirchhofer not receive a response from the customer within 30 days after receipt of the return, the order can no longer be cancelled.

    If fees have been incurred by the invoicing party and/or financial institutions due to non-collection or refusal, these must be borne by the customer.

  • 11. Guarantee

    Helen Kirchhofer has no influence over the functionality of the products as well as over manufacturers' guarantee services for non-self-manufactured products. Manufacturers' guarantee conditions and duration are always valid.

    In the case of a guarantee claim, the manufacturer has the option to repair, exchange or refund. Refunds are calculated based on the current value of the product, but never exceed the value on the purchase date.

    Warranties are provided as long as there are no grounds for exclusion, such as incorrect or damaging handling or other damages. Weather damage, moisture damage, fall and impact damage or excessive wear and tear are not covered by the guarantee. Wear parts such as wristbands, batteries and similar are excluded from guarantee.

    Helen Kirchhofer informs the customer of any repairs that are not accepted as guarantee claims. In the case of non-repair, the customer will be charged CHF 35.- invoiced to cover administrative costs. No repairs are carried out without the customer's consent.

    If a repair order cannot be delivered, or if it is not picked up within three months, Helen Kirchhofer has free command over the goods.

    A guarantee exchange or guarantee repair does not create an extension of the original guarantee period.

  • 12. Miscellaneous

    Helen Kirchhofer sells products that contain batteries and accumulators, therefore we would like make you aware of the following:

    Batteries may not be disposed of with normal domestic waste. You are obliged to return used batteries and accumulators. Old batteries can contain harmful substances that could harm the environment or your health if improperly stored or disposed of. Batteries also contain important raw materials such as iron, zinc, manganese, or nickel, and can be recycled.

    You can either return the batteries to us or return them in the immediate vicinity (e.g. in shops or at general collection points) free of charge. Delivery to us is restricted to the usual quantities for the end user as well as to such waste batteries that we had or have as new batteries in our product range.

    Batteries containing harmful substances are marked with a symbol consisting of a crossed-out dustbin and the chemical symbol (Cd, Hg or Pb).

  • 13. Change of GTC

    Helen Kirchhofer has the right to change these Terms and Conditions at any time.

  • 14. Data protection

    Data protection regulations can be read in the Imprint.

  • 15. Exclusion of Liability

    No claims for damages due to impossibility of performance, contract violations and other negligence can be made.

  • 16. Place of Jurisdiction

    The place of jurisdiction is Horn. Relations between customers and Helen Kirchhofer are subject exclusively to Swiss law.

  • 17. Copyright Notice

    These GTC are copyrighted intellectual property. Helen Kirchhofer has the sole right to use. Use by third parties, even of extracts, for commercial purposes is not permitted. Infringement is punishable by criminal law.