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Calvin Klein
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Calvin Klein Watches

Calvin Klein watches come in all forms and colours for both men and women, and make lovely complements to the label’s jewellery pieces, too. The selection of different models for Calvin Klein watches and jewellery is quite extensive.

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Calvin Klein watches & jewellery

Calvin Klein

Calvin Klein has the right timepiece for every taste and occasion, with red, blue, violet, white, black, and many other colours available.

Calvin Klein wristwatches are known especially for their design, where clean lines create extraordinary outlines. You can choose between classic colours such as silver, gold, rose gold, black, and some rather brighter shades. The geometrical design language is also reflected in the different materials used. Wristbands made of polished stainless steel are turned into small works of art with their own unique character. Some of the leather wristbands are embossed (as is the case with the Calvin Klein Spellbound timepiece for ladies) and are real eye-catchers on anyone’s wrist. Calvin Klein wristbands feature either classic pin buckle or a folding clasp. Calvin Klein has managed to turn its watches for both women and men into true fashion accessories. Some of the label’s most popular lines include Glam, Minimal Gent and City.

In addition, watches by Calvin Klein feature a battery-operated quartz movement as well as such functions as date display and chronograph.

The design of Calvin Klein watches is also reflected in the label’s elegant jewellery pieces in pleasant colours that can be worn everyday and also on special occasions. The jewellery collection from Calvin Klein features necklaces, earrings in different variants, rings, and bracelets, mostly made of stainless steel and leather. Calvin Klein offers jewellery for both women and men.

Calvin Klein has been making timepieces since 1981 when American designer Calvin Klein and the Swatch Group entered into a partnership. This has also resulted in the cK watch brand which was complemented by the addition of the new cK jewelry brand in 2004.

As an official Calvin Klein dealer, we also offer complete service (repairs, spare parts, etc.) for your Calvin Klein timepieces. Discover the latest selection of Calvin Klein watches for women and men in the Helen Kirchhofer online shop and don’t forget to check out the fine jewellery pieces on offer, too.