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Fossil Watches and Jewellery

The Fossil watches come in all shapes and colors for men and women and are perfect to combine with Fossil jewelry. With Fossil, the selection of watches and jewelry is vast. The watches of Fossil are available with or without a leather strap.

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Fossil Watches & Jewellery


The Fossil watches are most known for their design and good price to quality ratio. Since their establishment in 1984, the Fossil watches have been made with the American brands motto: “Long Live Vintage”.

It is possible to choose between classic colors such as silver, gold and rose gold, but also different tones of brown. The retro inspiration is found in many of the materials. The leather strap with buckle is attached to a stainless steel case giving it a certain character.

Therefore it can also be worn for all occasions whether it is everyday life or for special occasions. It will always make a good impression. Fossil has managed to make watches that both men and women can wear as an accessory. The models Nate, Grant and Georgia for example, have all been appreciated for a long time.

Some of the Fossil watches have quartz movement (battery) while others have mechanical movement. You find functions such as a stopwatch, date display and a bezel you can press (the ring around the case).

The design of these watches is also reflected in their range of jewelry. Pleasant brown tones and warm colors such as gold and rose gold, revive the spirit of the old times. The jewelry collections for men and women is vast and varied.

The Fossil collection includes necklaces, earrings in different variations, rings and bracelets. The jewelry is crafted from stainless steel and sometimes decorated with zircon crystals.

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