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Maserati Watches, Jewellery and Accessories

Maserati watches come in all forms, colours, and materials. These timepieces offer particularly striking design.

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Maserati has the right timepiece for every taste and occasion, with red, blue, black, and many other colours available.

Just as diverse are the materials used on Maserati watches. Comfortable leather wristbands with pin buckles and stainless steel cases underscore the Maserati brand philosophy. Materials such as rubber and silicone are also used. Maserati wristwatches have either quartz or automatic movements. There are also models that have a sapphire crystal.

The watches has also functions as date display and chronograph. The chronograph is started, stopped ,and reset by buttons on the bevelled edge.

Maserati models have such names as Attrazione, Circuito, Potenza, Successo, Tradizione, or Traguardo.

The well-known trident trademark is, of course, found on every Maserati timepiece. The brand’s history goes back to 1914 when the Maserati brothers opened a small automotive shop in Bologna. Initially, Maserati produced racing cars and exported them all over the world. These were later followed later by roadworthy vehicles. The Maserati brand no longer means only vehicles, but also special timepieces.

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