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Mondaine Watches

The Mondaine watches come in different shapes, colors and materials for men but also for women. The watches from the Mondaine collection is characterized by their unique design.

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Mondaine Watches


The clock in the SBB staions (Swiss railways) is probably the best known in Switzerland and has achieved cult status. The appearance of this clock is easy to recognize because of its materials, The recognizable angular hands turn on a clear dial with black marks for the hours and minutes and are accompanied by a red second hand with a red paddle on the tip.

The wrist watches from Mondaine look like their big sister. The colors are classic SBB tones, black, red and white. If you opt for a stainless steel Mondaine watch, the color is silver. Besides stainless steel, Mondaine offers many leather straps with buckles.

Some Mondaine watches have quartz movement (battery) and some have mechanical movement. We can also find supplementary functions like a date display and stopwatch.

Monadaine does only make watches, but also wall clocks, pocket watches and even table clocks. The Mondaine watches have names like Evo, Classic or Simply Elegant.

The history of the station clock dates back to 1944. It was the Swiss engineer, designer and SBB employee Hans Hilfiker who designed the official SBB clock. Mondaine took over the design and launched the first watches on the market. The SBB link is even found in the section number of watches made in Switzerland which often ends with 11SBB or 16SBB.

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