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Zeppelin Watches

Zeppelin watches come in a range of shapes and colours for both men and women. Zeppelin wristwatches are characterised by their durability and striking design.

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Zeppelin Watches


Zeppelin watches have been around for over 30 years and are produced by a Munich-based company. All Zeppelin watches are manufactured in Germany by experienced master watchmakers. Zeppelin pays homage to history with each collection by referencing the legendary aeroplanes made from corrugated metal, thereby offering the opportunity to step back into an exciting period in the history of aviation.

The men's and ladies' watches in the "100 Years of Zeppelin" anniversary collection are characterised by domed faces, as well as domed glass, and the fusion of modern accents with elegant traditional touches.

Other well-known Zeppelin watches are to be found in the "Hindenburg", "Flatline" and "Nordstern" collections.

Zeppelin watches are available both in quartz-controlled (quartz battery) variants or with a mechanical, automatic winding mechanism. The colours are kept muted and traditional, such as brown, white or black. The ETA, Ronda and Miyota movements keep a Zeppelin watch running reliably for a long time.

The casings are robust, and full of attractive additions such as a display showing the phases of the moon, or beautiful chronographs.

As an official stockist, Helen Kirchhofer offers a full range of services (repairs, spare parts etc.) for your Zeppelin watch. You can also explore the latest selection of Zeppelin watches for women and men in our online shop at any time.