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Luminox Watches

The Luminox watches come in different shapes and colors for men but also for women. The Luminox collection is striking due to its wide range and unique character.

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Luminox Watches


The colors range from black to silver and green anthracite and various tones of brown. If you prefer something more colorful you can choose a Luminox watch with a dial and bezel in either orange, blue or yellow.

Luminox watches are what is called Tactical watches. Generally this means that they are made for a utility purpose. They are especially popular in military circles (such as the US Navy Seals), rescue, aviation, police or diving. These requirements are also reflected in the design and material choices of the watches.

The case is crafted in stainless steel or for example plastic reinforced with carbon fibres. The straps are sometimes in comfortable silicon, fabric or stainless steel and closes with buckles or clasps. Sapphire glass with anti reflective coating is often used for the lens on these watches. Some of the Luminox watches have Swiss quartz movement (battery) and some have mechanic movement. The key element of the Luminox watches is their unique lighting. These watches illuminate up to 100 times more in the dark than other watches. The light intensity of the hands and other items is guaranteed for 25 years. These water resistant watches offer among other functions a date display, a stopwatch or even a compass for those with special needs.

The Luminox collection is divided into different models: Sea, Air, Land and Space. Depending on the model, they have names like Navy Seal (Colormark), Dive, Deep Dive Mariner or Atacama.

Luminox was founded in 1989 and has established itself in the watchmaking industry thanks to its unique lighting technology. The light intensity in the dark is also reflected in the name of the Luminox brand. In fact, the Latin word for light is lumi and nox is the latin word for night, hence the brand logo with Lumi in white on a black background and Nox in black on a white background. The red frame symbolizes the origin of these watches which are made in Switzerland.

You will find the entire Luminox collection for men and women in the Helen Kirchhofer online store.