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Information Pre-Christmas Period

Extended right of return:

  • We extend the right of return until 2nd January 2023.

In this way you can easily present your loved ones and you do not have to worry about a possible return.

Order by invoice:

  • Order now and pay at the end of January 2023.

When ordering with the payment method "Invoice", you will receive the invoice only in mid-January 2023. In addition, the invoice will have a term of payment until 31.01.2023 and when you receive the bill, you can decide if you want to pay the total amount or a partial amount (minimum is 10% of the total amount).

We wish you a nice and hopefully not too stressful Pre-Christmas Period!
Your Helen Kirchhofer Team

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Swatch Watches

Swatch watches come in all forms and colours for both men and women and have long since found their ways into the annals of fashion history. The Swatch collection is refreshingly colourful.

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Swatch Watches


Swatch had its start during the “watch crisis” of the 1970s and 80s. Until then, Swiss watchmakers had been used to producing elaborate timepieces with complicated mechanical movements. They created watches to last a lifetime that could be passed on to the next generation.

But in 1983, Swatch introduced a plastic watch and the revolution began. Affordable plastic watches produced in Switzerland conquered the world. A new “watch culture” (even a Swatch Club) was born, not least thanks to the great ideas of Nicolas G. Hayek. A watch was no longer just a timepiece, but an expression of one’s personality. People would now choose to own several watches.

Swatch is now a global brand and a leading company in the fields of research, technology, product design, and marketing and sales. Artists are involved in the design of Swatch watches, resulting in little works of art for every wrist. Swatch has the right timepiece for every taste and occasion, with red, blue, violet, yellow, white, black, and many other colours available.

Just as diverse are the materials used on Swatch watches. Comfortable silicone wristbands with pin buckles and robust plastic cases underscore the Swatch brand philosophy. A wristwatch from Swatch is easily driven with quartz or automatic movements (e.g. the Sistem51 line). In addition to analogue Swatch wristwatches, there are also digital Swatch watches, as well as such functions as date display and chronograph.

The most popular model lines are Swatch Originals, Irony, and Skin. In general, the Swatch watches from the Original collection are the best known. The Irony models are made of chrome and aluminium and the Skin Swatch watches have unbelievably thin cases (3.9 mm).

As an official dealer, Helen Kirchhofer offers complete service, repairs, and spare parts for your Swatch timepiece. You can also explore the latest selection of Swatch timepieces for women and men in our online shop.