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Information Pre-Christmas Period

Extended right of return:

  • We extend the right of return until 2nd January 2023.

In this way you can easily present your loved ones and you do not have to worry about a possible return.

Order by invoice:

  • Order now and pay at the end of January 2023.

When ordering with the payment method "Invoice", you will receive the invoice only in mid-January 2023. In addition, the invoice will have a term of payment until 31.01.2023 and when you receive the bill, you can decide if you want to pay the total amount or a partial amount (minimum is 10% of the total amount).

We wish you a nice and hopefully not too stressful Pre-Christmas Period!
Your Helen Kirchhofer Team

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Junghans Watches

The Junghans watches come in different shapes and colors for men but also for women. The great production quality and the design of the Junghans watches give them a certain touch of luxury.

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Junghans Watches


All the watches in the Junghans collection are manufactured in Germany and is divided into four the four lines Erhard Junghans, Max Bill by Junghans, Junghans Meister and Technik.

It is striking to see how innovation and design play such an important role for Junghans. The Junghans Mega is an example of this advanced technique. In the 1990s, the Junghans engineers created a sensation by incorporating a radio control into the watch. Three years later it was even possible to incorporate solar technology into the watch radio control and the Mega Solar Ceramic model was born. This watch has always been highly appreciated. The solar power radio control, sapphire crystal and ceramic resistant to scratches makes the heart of any watch lover beat faster.

To Junghans, the design is very important which the model Max Bill is a great example of. In 1961, the Swiss artist and architect, Max Bill, designed one of the most beautiful wrist watches in the world. The clear and straight design of Max Bill models still evokes enthusiasm today. It comes in different colors with straps as diverse and varied as leather or stainless steel bracelets. Particular features such as stopwatch and date display is never missing.

The German watchmaking atelier was established in 1861 by Erhard Junghans in Schramberg in the Bavarian Black Forest. At first he only produced spare parts, then he began to produce his first movements and watches of his own. With 3,000 employees in 1903, Junghans was the biggest watch manufacturer in the world. The assortment of Junghans also includes alarm clocks and wall clocks.

As an official Junghans dealer, Helen Kirchhofer offers complete service, repairs, and spare parts for your Junghans timepiece. You can also explore the latest selection of Junghans watches for women and men in our online shop..