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Junghans has been giving a face to time for more than 160 years. The attention to detail, the high demands on design and quality and generations of technical expertise have characterised the products of Uhrenfabrik Junghans since it was founded in 1861.

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Junghans Watches


Values that form the foundations for the success story of the company from Schramberg in the Black Forest. In 1903, Junghans had already been the largest clock manufacturer in the world, with over 3,000 employees, manufacturing more than 9,000 timepieces a day. The development of precision movements made the company the largest manufacturer of chronometers in 1956.

In the 1960s to 1980s, the Black-Forest manufacturer with tradition chronometrised numerous big top-class sports events and set standards in sports timekeeping with the development of several technical innovations. After an eventful and turbulent company history, the Schramberg businessmen Dr. Hans-Jochem and Hannes Steim became the new proprietors of the venerable company in 2009, ensuring a new era of growth.

In 2022, Hannes Steim joined the operational business as managing partner, and is running the Uhrenfabrik together with CEO Matthias Stotz now. Junghans still conceives, designs, constructs, and produces all of its watches on the historical company site. In 2018, the terrace building has been revived for its 100th birthday. In this monument to industrial architecture, long the light-flooded centrepiece of Junghans watch production, the tradition of watch and clockmaking in the Black Forest can be experienced in the form of a museum.

The current collection also references the long tradition of the company in design and watchmaking - transported to the present in contemporary form. For example, with the Meister watches, which have been at the core of the collection since the 1930s, or the timepieces of the Max Bill line that have been created in collaboration with the Swiss designer since 1956. In 1990, Junghans reached a milestone in striving for precision with the invention of the first radio-controlled wristwatch.

Today, this technology Made in Schramberg meets the highest standards with regard to time comfort, precision, and energy efficiency with a new generation of app-connected radio-controlled solar movements. The clear design language of the Junghans watches has been a constant factor throughout the history of the company. The latest indication of this can be found in the models of the FORM line standing for German industrial design with matter-of-fact simplicity. For more than 160 years now, Junghans timepieces have combined watchmaking tradition, design and technology expertise. For personality starts on the wrist.