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Paul Hewitt
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Paul Hewitt Watches & Jewellery

Paul Hewitt watches are available as ladies’ and men’s watches. These timepieces feature simple designs and an anchor, reflecting the maritime traditions of their Northern German home. The anchor finds a spot on Paul Hewitt wristbands which are perfect complements to the timepiece itself.

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Paul Hewitt Watches & Jewellery

Paul Hewitt

Paul Hewitt watches come in various sizes, with your choice of 36 mm, 38 mm, 39 mm, and 40 mm. As is so often the case, the size is a matter of choice.

The watch collection is also divided into the Sailor Line and Signature Line (Mark I). In addition, each case comes in gold, rose gold, or silver, while the dials on Paul Hewitt watches come in white, black, and dark blue.

The case is made of stainless steel and are very thin, lending each Paul Hewitt timepiece a certain elegance. The analogue clockwork of all Paul Hewitt watches is powered by battery (quartz movement).

Another feature of Paul Hewitt watches are their interchangeable wristbands in nylon and metal.

Paul Hewitt not only makes watches, but also jewellery, such as phreps, ancuffs (open bracelets with an anchor), and knot bracelets. The phreps (anchor bracelets) are certainly the most famous jewellery pieces from Paul Hewitt.

Paul Hewitt bracelets are made of either leather or nylon. The colours of the bracelet and anchor are different and allow the perfect combination of the watch. In addition, a Paul Hewitt bracelet can be comfortably worn at different lengths and can easily be worn by sailors of all sexes ;-)

The company founder found inspiration for the Paul Hewitt name from the story of his own family. His English great-grandfather had migrated to Northern Germany for love and made his living selling men’s wear and accessories. What was his name? Paul Edward Hewitt, of course.

The online shop of Helen Kirchhofer offers the full range of Paul Hewitt bracelets and timepieces for men and women.